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BLK hack educates its community of entrepreneurs through its monthly event series, Workshops and peer group meetings. Our members will learn how to become successful entrepreneurs


BLK hack inspires minority entrepreneurs through videos, and how to’s. We rely on Mentors and advisors to be hands on laying out the footprints to inspire those who follow their successes.


BLK hack connects its entrepreneurs through networking with professional resources and those with specific skill sets. Access to funding, team building and Business development are very important to us.

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january, 2020

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Our Directors

Arnold Hines


Hines, a veteran marketer for nearly 20 years, has been instrumental in shaping the climate and culture of Cleveland, Ohio.


Nicole Liatos


Nicole is a Program Manager at the Economic and Community Development Institute (ECDI). Nicole works closely with the Women’s Business Center (WBC). Her responsibilities include implementing new WBC entrepreneurship curriculums and programming, program management and community building at The Dealership (co-working space). She helps connect local entrepreneurs to resources to help their business grow.