BLK hack is a social enterprise network that is engaged in the latest business, technology news and curator of black digital culture. The company helps African American entrepreneurs and people of color grow, nurture, and scale their businesses by providing access to an engaged and supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem. BLK hack is committed to innovating the solutions for creating more Inclusion and diversity Globally for startups, minority entrepreneurs, innovators, and technology enthusiasts.


“Black people and people of color who have entrepreneurial potential get full access to a network of resources and tools and can rely on a community of supporters”


“To Develop an Inclusive and Diverse community for minority Entrepreneurs. Innovating solutions that will educate, inspire, and connect local tech communities for Black people and people of color”

BLK hack Goals: 

  • Get everyone plugged into the network and eventually get access to capital
  • Create new Super Angel investors out of  Entertainer’s and Athletes who have influential capital
  • Help Black people come together and learn how to partner and support a growing ecosystem that starts with us


“ Innovate the Hustler, Inspire the Grind”  

How We Realize our Mission      

  • Highlight and Inspire through stories and How to’s
  • Entrepreneur & venture development programs
  • Monthly Events held nationwide to strengthen minority entrepreneur networks
  • Creating inclusive co-working spaces and innovative avenues for entrepreneurs to get seed funding