From Idea To Acquisition With Chinedu Echeruo

From Idea To Acquisition With Chinedu Echeruo


The first time I met Chinedu was in a coffee shop in New York City. We sat down and discussed ideas, but it wasn’t a typical idea chat. Chinedu ran me through his process and it was fascinating to hear how detailed he was, he truly understood the customer for each product he was running me through. Chinedu is a master at bringing an idea to life, just look at what he was able to do with HopStop.

In this interview, Chinedu takes us behind the scenes on how he was able to think of HopStop and how it eventually was acquired by Apple. We don’t stay on the surface, we dig deep. Chinedu reveals how he wasn’t a coder so he gives us tips on how to find a developer early on like he did. We get the pros and cons of outsourcing, and how to budget for your app.

We learn:

– How and why to get a technical advisor vs a technical cofounder
– How to balance your side hustle with your main job
– How much an idea is worth
– How to stay motivated when things are looking down
– Why keeping an inspirational group of friends is key to your success
– What he does every morning to get his day started productively
– Knowing when to fire yourself
– Should you build companies just to sell them?