We’re Just Trying to Grow Episode 3 with Dawn Dickson

We’re Just Trying to Grow Episode 3 with Dawn Dickson


In this episode, we talk to connector and entrepreneur Dawn Dickson. This business woman is all about her community and empowerment. Dawn is Co-Founder and CEO of Solutions Vending International., a software solution that makes vending machines smart. Her innovative first venture, Flat Out Heels, even helped women stay comfortable post club by selling flat shoes in vending machines! Here for it.

Take a listen as the problem-solving Dawn shares why she is taking on cannabis, and offers some great lessons for newbies on riding the entrepreneurship wave.

Dawn’s startup life advice:

1. Trust yourself. It’s so important to go with your gut. If you believe that something is greater than you, trust it. We don’t listen all the time. Listen.

2. It’s definitely a marathon, not a sprint. You know, they say it takes 10 years to be an overnight success. That’s true. I’m living it now.

3. Understand that you need to pace yourself and celebrate every little every small victory.

4. Absorb every bit of information–every criticism, every rejection, every bit o praise, every perspective, and read as much possible.